How to Choose the Best Web Design Agency

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Choosing the Best Web Design Agency is critical to your business!

Whether you are building a brand new website or making improvements to your existing site, you will want to find the best web design agency for your business.

Let’s face it. A website is the digital face of your business. It tells your story, brings you customers, and helps you set yourself apart from your competitors. Your website is critical to your business and you wouldn’t want just anyone to build it!

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5 steps to choosing the best web design agency:

  1. Make sure the web design agency has marketing expertise!

You will want your web designers to have an in-depth knowledge of marketing. In addition to an attractive modern design, you will need a team who knows how to achieve your marketing goals.

Do you want to build traffic from new customers? Do you want to build your brand awareness? Do you want to provide information and support for your sales team? A top agency will ask you all the right questions.

Your experienced design team will have the expertise to advise you on SEO , Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), social media, and other strategies that produce the results you are after.

  1. Does the web design agency communicate with you?

Communication by far the biggest complaint we hear from customers who are not happy with their choice of a web design agency!

For the most streamlined process, communication needs to be the # 1 priority. For example, your design team needs to listen carefully to you because you’re the one who knows most about your business.

Make sure your design team listens carefully, documents details, and gives honest feedback on your progress. A top-notch team will be in touch with you regularly.

  1. Does the web design agency have reasonable pricing?

Be wary of “rock bottom” pricing! Most often, this may seem like a great deal at first. But the deal can quickly get out of control due to expensive add-ons that are not talked about up front.

Think about what price range you are comfortable before you get started! And be sure to you get your total cost in writing so there are no surprises later on.

  1. Does the web design agency have an outstanding track record?

Check out their track record online. You will be able to verify the number of clients and the quality of live websites they’ve built.

Pick up the phone to call them and ask for referrals. A reputable and transparent company will genuinely welcome your interest!

Don’t forget to check Yelp and other third party reviews. They will give you even more insight as to the agency’s track record.

  1. Is the web design agency dedicated and responsive?

Every client needs individual time and attention devoted to their website build. After all, this is most likely your most important marketing strategy.

Every client is unique and approaches their project differently. Some of our clients know exactly what they want and they have a clear vision. Others seek out more creative input and marketing ideas from the designers and developers.

The one thing that they all have in common is their desire for “one-on-one” time and attention throughout the entire web design process. They want a team that clearly demonstrates dedication and responsiveness at the beginning, the middle, and up through the final website launch!

You will never want to feel like you are one of many clients. Before you get started, ask your designers to give you specific examples on how they intend to be responsive and dedicated to your project.

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