Garage Door Medics: increasing conversions where other agencies could not

Garage Door Medics' Responsive Website

We Reduced Wasted AdWords Spend By Over 50% to Ensure Profitable Leads, & Used Additional Savings to Launch New Markets

We Reduced Conversion Cost By Over 30%

Over 9 New SEO Keywords on Google's Page 1

Current Page 1 Keywords on Google San Diego:

  • "garage door repair"—1000 searches a month
  • "garage door repair san diego"—1000 searches a month
  • "garage door spring repair"—140 searches a month
  • "garage door installation"—140 searches a month
  • "garage door opener repair"—90 searches a month
  • "garage door service"—90 searches a month
  • ...and many more!

Why They Hired Us

Garage Door Medics is the largest garage door service company in Southern California. Formed in San Diego in 1990, they currently operate in 10 cities and 4 other states besides California—namely, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. They offer residential and commercial services as well as new door sales, and "We Only Recommend What You Need" is their trademarked motto. However, their growth in recent years exposed some digital marketing challenges.

In 2016, Garage Door Medics was dissatisfied with their marketing progress. They wanted a trusted, local agency that they could work with closely, and they chose Lightpost. We had very specific marching orders of taking over the work of another agency who could not produce the results the client needed. With that, we went to work.


Through the hard work of local Digital Director Kimberly Parker together with our flexible operations team, Lightpost identified Garage Door Medics' marketing needs and started producing desired results within 30 days.

Garage Door Medics hired us to manage Google AdWords for them in January 2017. By the end of the month, we had 7.5% conversion rates with numerous conversions daily. We continued to tweak their campaigns to achieve better results across all locations.

Within a few months of working with Lightpost, Garage Door Medics trusted us enough to rebuild their website in addition to handling paid search marketing. Their new site went live on April 13, 2017 with new SEO implemented—the results of which have boosted their visibility on Google more than ever before.


For Google AdWords:

By cutting out unprofitable keywords and further optimizing their multiple campaigns, Lightpost has achieved the following for Garage Door Medics:

  • We reduced wasted AdWords spend by over 50%.
  • We reduced their conversion cost by over 30%.
  • We generated leads in the San Diego market under $100.

Lastly, the cost per click for Garage Door Medics is $4 less than the national industry average. We continue to strive for even better AdWords performance throughout all local campaigns.

For Their Website:

Lightpost's responsive new website for Garage Door Medics looks great and drives plenty of traffic. In the period spanning the launch of the new site in April to October 2017, users increased by nearly 15%, page views increased by 22.5%, and the bounce rate was reduced by 16.5% compared to the same period in 2016.

Not only that, but the site features profitable LiveChat functionality, easy-to-use forms for requesting a free estimate or same-day service, and location pages that assist with SEO across cities they operate in.

For SEO:

Lightpost implemented SEO on Garage Door Medics' new website in April 2017. Since then, they've gained over 9 new keywords on Google page 1 that weren't there before Lightpost. Top spots include keywords like "garage door repair," "garage door service," and others with hundreds of searches each month. Garage Door Medics' better Google rankings because of Lightpost have led to more site traffic and even more conversions.

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