Hoffman & Forde: acquiring new client leads in the most profitable way possible

Hoffman & Forde's Current Website

AdWords Conversion Rate Jumped to 26% Immediately After Our Changes

H&F Conversions in May 2017 Skyrocketed

H&F's New Website is in Progress


Why They Hired Us

Hoffman & Forde is a boutique law firm serving clients throughout Southern California, focusing on real estate, estate planning, employment, and business/litigation. They came to Lightpost for help in understanding best practices to market their firm online. Their primary concern was where to focus their marketing dollars to develop a predictable and profitable source of new client leads every month.


Our local Digital Director Patrick Dillon identified some key problem areas in Hoffman & Forde’s online foundation, which included some website issues, a lack of SEO strategy, and no online advertising budget. We determined to get started with a few products and services which included SEO, listings, Google AdWords, and Facebook ads.

We installed SEO right away, then launched Facebook remarketing and Google ads. For AdWords, we started with ad groups across all of the firm's practice areas. From there, we analyzed the data and determined that real estate provided the most potential for new clients and the most profitable return.

Lastly, Hoffman & Forde’s old website was built on an outdated framework on Wordpress, which needed constant fixes. We discovered that their contact form stopped working, so prospective clients weren’t able to reach out to them. For these reasons—and because of their trust in Lightpost—Hoffman & Forde proceeded with allowing us to build a stronger website geared towards new client acquisition in areas where they're already seeing growth.


For Google AdWords: 

  • They constantly get quality leads resulting from our work.
  • Cost per conversion is consistently under $35.
  • The AdWords conversion rate holds steady at over 11%.

For Facebook ads:

We continue to mature Hoffman & Forde’s identified lead opportunities on a regular basis through Facebook retargeting. They are spending around $250 monthly, which is putting Hoffman & Forde in front of over 600 qualified people who have shown an interest in them.

For SEO:

Before Lightpost, Hoffman & Forde did not rank for any significant keywords. But because of our SEO strategy, they're now on page 1 of Google for over 10 keywords including "credit attorney" (720 searches a month) and "san diego credit repair" (480 searches a month). Their rankings continue to improve as well!

For their website:

When Hoffman & Forde's new website is completed, it will feature a modern, user-friendly design, be fully responsive across all devices, and drive more traffic, leads, and new clients than their current website.

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