Moxie Skincare

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Elizabeth Rabena founded Moxie Skincare. She’s a sole entrepreneur who specializes in skincare aesthetics based in San Diego, CA. Elizabeth has had Moxie for years, but just recently decided to take her business to the next level. Moxie focuses on several advanced beauty services, and has fantastic customer reviews online. Elizabeth came to Lightpost for help updating her website and to discover how to drive the right kinds of customers to her website and into her business.

The Old Moxie Website was not mobile responsive and didn't promote Elizabeth's services well.

The New Moxie Website

The new moved to the first page of Google for their services, traffic significantly increased, and they now stand out from their competitors.

SEO Results

Moxie now has 5 of the top 10 positions on Google page one and has a location spotlight. 

Client Goals

  1. A better looking brand
  2. Higher search rankings for key services
  3. More website traffic


We re-built and upgraded their website to be mobile responsive and added search engine optimization (SEO). 


Moxie has achieved the top 5 of the top 10 positions on page one of Google and a coveted location spotlight, when customers search for “DMK skincare”.  This is a positive gain in positioning and improvement from their former position of 6. Moxie also wanted to reach customers who searched for the broader keywords, “Advanced Aesthetic Services in San Diego.” There was previous ranking for Moxie on this search and now shows up at spots 4 and 5 on Google.

MoxieSkincare's organic traffic realized a significant gain of 400% in the first month.

From Elizabeth Rabena

“Lightpost Digital's work is exceptional. Their experts identified deficiences in my website & weaknesses in my marketing. My new website has a better appearance, functionality, and coupled with an ongoing ad strategy delivers clients in a more targeted way. Their team is informative, friendly, and always makes sure I am comfortable.”

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