Suncoast Veterinary: moving from damage control to dominating the market

Suncoast Vet's New Responsive Website

Over 40 SEO Keywords on Google's Page 1

Current Local Page 1 Keywords in Google:

  • "vet"
  • "24 hour vet"
  • "emergency pet clinic"
  • "animal hospital near me"
  • "vet emergency"
  • ...and more!

We Rapidly Increased Suncoast's AdWords Leads After The Rebrand

Suncoast's Rebrand Process is Complete!


Why They Hired Us

Suncoast Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is a 24-hour animal hospital located in Sarasota, Florida. Formerly known as Critical Vet Care (CVC), a key to their success had been referrals from other vets in the area who don't do 24-hour emergency support. However, they soon found themselves needing to prevent critical damage created by a doctor who left the practice.

Suncoast turned to Lightpost in February 2017 to guide them through a complete rebranding process. They had 3 primary concerns in the renaming:

  1. Maintaining Google rankings and traffic
  2. Building up reviews for the new practice name
  3. Driving new patients and clients to the practice


The success of Suncoast's rebrand depended on a total team effort within Lightpost as the process moved from one marketing service to another.

We completed a responsive new website featuring Suncoast new brand on April 20, 2017. With the site came new SEO and Google AdWords strategies to rapidly increase Suncoast's online visibility through organic and paid marketing. Lastly, Lightpost implemented 2 more services to complete the process: 1) listings management to ensure accurate business information across all online touchpoints and directories, and 2) reputation management to help monitor and facilitate new web reviews for the rebranded business. 

The results of the comprehensive rebrand propelled Suncoast forward in some remarkable ways.


For their website:

Suncoast's new website is fully optimized for all devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. Additionally, the site boasts a colorful, user-friendly design featuring a background video, engaging pictures, and plenty of information for new patients and referring veterinarians.

For SEO:

Since Lightpost implemented SEO for Suncoast's new website in April 2017, our work has exceeded all expectations. The previous brand, Critical Vet Care, had fair Google rankings before Lightpost. But after rebranding, Suncoast has consistently dominated Google page 1 locally for over 40 keywords, including major terms like "vet," "emergency vet," and "24 hour vet."

Not only that, but Suncoast has over 10 major keywords ranked #1 on Google, including "emergency vet clinic," "24 hour pet hospital," and others. The sheer amount of keywords they rank for has contributed to increased site traffic over the past 6 months.

For AdWords:

Lightpost quickly increased Suncoast's leads out of the gate starting in May 2017. To date, Suncoast Vet's lead generation campaigns have been profitable. Currently, 20% of their traffic is generated from paid marketing.

For listings & review management:

Whether in online maps, social networks, business directories, and more, Suncoast's new business information is now reflected across all online listings. Their brand consistency across the web means no dropped clients and business opportunities.

Lastly, Suncoast's review base has been building since their rebrand, evidenced by their 4.5 star overall rating on Google and their 5-star overall rating on Facebook. Their animal hospital has turned a corner over the course of 2017, and we look forward to their business expanding further in the months and years to come!

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