Woodstock’s Pizza

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The year was 1977 when Chuck Woodstock opened the first Woodstock’s Pizza near Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon. Woodstock's has expanded to 7 more locations in California from San Diego to Santa Cruz. Woodstock's Pizza is the go to pizza place for specialty pizza, gourmet pizza, gluten-free pizza, salads, and craft beer.

Seven #1 Spots for "Best Pizza"

464 Conversions in Month 1

Top Ads Increased from 8% to 20%+ CTR


Client Goals

  1. Improve organic rankings across corporate websites
  2. Increase phone calls and online order conversions
  3. Maximize Google AdWords budgets for each location


First, our SEO team audited Woodstock's Pizza's corporate website and seven location websites. We realized that the meta titles and descriptions were not written correctly and needed to be fixed. We re-wrote the meta data for 173 pages across all eight websites. Next, we analyzed the Google AdWords data from Woodstock's previous digital agency and found that their conversion tracking was not set up correctly and they didn't own their own AdWords account. We setup a new AdWords account for Woodstock's so they had ownership of their marketing, fixed conversion tracking, and optimized their AdWords marketing to lower their cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA).


Woodstock's seven websites jumped to the #1 spot in all locations for "Best Pizza" by zipcode searches. Woodstock's Google AdWords performance click-through-rate (CTR) improved to 4.54%, online conversions jumped 272% to over 460 conversion in the first month, and their cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped to $7.64.

7 #1 Spots on Google

272% More Conversions

From Samantha Lawrence

“We were really excited to see the immediate results from Lightpost's SEO work moving all our locations to the top of Google. We have also been very happy with the results we are seeing from Google AdWords and the greater insight into our analytics and website conversions. This data is helping us spend our marketing dollars more efficiently.”

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