Chiropractic Marketing 101: How To Grow Your Practice Online

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“You invest years in schooling and spend hundreds of thousands in education to realize that the biggest challenge, to get patients in the door, is still ahead of you.”  Are you struggling with this common problem faced by Chiropractors

The universal chiropractic office goal is to reach as many new patients for as little cost as possible with minimum amount of time and money invested.

Internet marketing does exactly that.  It’s affordable, trackable, and allows you to pay for performance.  Compared to ad placements and traditional marketing programs, , your adverting is more targeted to your audience and those who are specifically searching for your  services.  Because you only pay for actual website clicks from people with high interest, you are spending less time and advertising dollars.

Learn how to drive traffic to your optimized website, generate new patients, and turn your chiropractic website into a sales machine.

1) Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely: How Google AdWords Can Bring You a 4-5x Return On Your Ad Spend

If you know your costs and margins for your services, AdWords is the way to get your money’s worth.  With Google AdWords, you can boast an ROI increase in the hundreds of percentage points. We have seen a small ad investment of $100 turn quickly into a $400-500 return.

Let’s start by showing you how a well strategized AdWords campaign works.  When your prospective clients do a localized search, your ad will stand out from the rest of those chiropractors in your area.  This is because the paid ads are always listed before the #1 industry leader on the organic search results, as shown below:

Google search results chiropractor

There can be up to five listings on top of each search results page, and five at the bottom.  Paid ads appear in an auction-based order before the organic search (SEO) as demonstrated.

The highest paid ad is at the very top on the search results page, the second highest after that, and so on.  The price for the ads is driven by demand and supply, as dictated in any other market.  If more people are willing to pay for a search term like “Chiropractor San Diego” the value, or the “CPC”(Cost Per Click), goes up.  As the term CPC indicates, the great thing about Google AdWords campaigns is that you only pay if a user actually clicks to your website or calls your office.  If you install call tracking, it is easy to monitor which ad referred what customer.

Google walks you through the step-by-step guide to create an AdWords campaign that is specific to your practice.  Here are the steps to start running your own Google AdWords campaign:

  1. Create a login
  2. Target a geographic region
  3. Set your daily budget
  4. Control how much you want to spend per click on your ad
  5. Create ad(s)
  6. Select keywords
  7. Enter billing information
  8. Done!

If you haven’t setup your Google AdWords account yet, the Lightpost Digital team is offering a  special promotion!  You will receive a $100+ free marketing credit as a new advertiser to kick-start your first ad campaign.   Request an AdWords management quote here.

2) Get more patients in the door with Google & Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategy to win new patients. With remarketing, you reach the right audience.  These are patients that need your help and are looking for your service at the time they are searching and will spot your ads.

Remarketing uses a special tracking code which allows you to re-engage people who have already visited your website. For example, if a potential patient visits your website and continues to browse the web, your ad will pop up on their display.   This is a powerful feature because it increases the chance that this visitor is going to contact you for an appointment.

Google Analytics gives you an easy and efficient re-marketing program .  You simply create your remarketing campaign and select your audience.  Our experience tells us, the more specific your target group the more efficient your ad will be.  Instead of targeting your ad to all visitors, you get to choose your audience based on either a particular service page, visitors who had not viewed certain pages, or persons who’ve actually visited your competitors’ sites.  When you customize your audience,  you create a more targeted ad for the treatment or service the user was looking for.

Google Remarketing made easy:

Facebook is another great platform for remarketing. You can reach people on Facebook who’ve visited your website and have already shown interest in your business.  See this process as demonstrated in the Cole Haan example below:

Example Remarketing on FacebookImage Source: Wordstream

Similar to Google, you create your custom audience based on the example indicators in the Cole Haan search (as shown) and subsequently create a “Lookalike Audience.” With Lookalike Audiences, you can target people who are similar to those that have visited your website.

SEO - home remodeling - online marketing - online success

3) Ask Your Patients for Reviews on Yelp or Google

Your patients care about your reputation, and so does Google.  Google’s goal is to send users to the best businesses with the highest ratings and reviews awarded by customers.  These ratings that measure your reputation are determined by analyzing each businesses’ data.  Your reputation, when compared to competitors, determines your SEO ranking on Google and other search engines.  Positive reviews will result in top page ranking, whereas negative reviews will diminish your ranking.

Good reviews will naturally generate more traffic and they will also encourage indecisive patients.  A single bad review will almost always hurt your practice and lead to losing patients and require your immediate attention.  A method for aggregating and tracking all comments daily is available to ensure no negative comment is ever missed.  This tool is available here:

Review monitoring service

The quantity of reviews is just as important as the quality!

The best way to increase the number of reviews is to simply ask your patients.  Your patients understand how important reviews are to your practice and are usually pleased to leave a review if you provide them great care.  Be sure to make this request as soon as possible as clients are more likely to give you feedback right after a positive experience with you.  Make it easy for them!  For example, immediately after their appointment with you, send an email with the icon“Find us on Yelp”.  Plan to continue this in all of your communications including your newsletters and website. Another method to motivate your patients and to show your appreciation is to offer a small incentive for writing a review.

4) Add a Blog to Your Chiropractic website

Identify the most asked questions in your field.  These are the common things everyone asks about or needs to know about your practice and services.  Next, blog about those topics routinely and consistently.  If you don’t have the resources or don’t want to manage this yourself, consider hiring an outside firm or freelancer.  Posts can run from $50 to $150 depending on how complicated the subject matter.  Then, be sure to add SEO and get in the habit.  If you do this twice a month, you will have a larger site, rich in content.  You can also use this information for your newsletters and other forms of communication.  Ultimately, you will be viewed as the expert and your patients will be smarter and more educated in the services you provide.  When done right, this is one of the most sure fire ways to generate business and retain patients.

Website Audit Lightpost Digital

Be sure to read our post about responsive websites, SEO, and business listings before you get started on your online marketing for your chiropractic practice!   When you align your Google AdWords marketing and remarketing with the complete body of online services, you will see traffic and conversions start to build!


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