Our Story & Mission

Lightpost Digital's mission is to empower business owners by providing affordable and transparent online marketing solutions.

Lightpost Digital Core Values

We support our mission by adhering to the following as employees, digital directors, and a company.

Empowerment: We empower our employees, our digital directors, and our clients to grow their business by providing the best solutions for modern online marketing.

Affordability: We provide affordable online marketing solutions by defining standard pricing that is fair to both our company and business owners of every size.

Transparency: We are transparent in our pricing and service to our employees, digital directors, and clients both when we do a job correctly and when we make mistakes.

Systems: Systems are key to scaling a successful business. We strive for the best systems possible in sales, operations, and technology to support our mission and our clients.

Support: We provide the highest level of support possible while maintaining our core values of affordability and profitability.

Teamwork & Fun: We work as a team and have fun in the process fulfilling our mission and supporting our core values.

Profitability: Every decision we make impacts profitability. We ensure every decision we make supports both short-term and long-term profitability of the company as long as these decisions do not compromise our mission and other core value.


Here is a brief history of Lightpost Digital and our team's achievements.


Jan, 2015

Lightpost Digital was started as a division of Deal Current Network Inc. based in San Diego and we signed our first client.

May, 2015

We made a corporate decision not to provide social media as a service any longer.  We shifted our focus to core online marketing services including website development, SEO, Facebook ads, and review monitoring.


September, 2015

We expanded our services to include Instagram Ads, Google Adwords, and listings management.



January 2016

Lightpost Digital was incorporated as its own company independent of Deal Current Network. 


February 2016

Marne Smiley became our second Digital Director by launching our first non-San Diego office in Chicago.