Growth Hacking – Turn Your Legal Website into Your Law Firm’s Best Salesperson

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“I spend money on marketing, but referrals are always our #1 source of clients.” – Every lawyer.

Online marketing is much different than traditional marketing and in our opinion the only paid marketing you should be doing for your firm. Online marketing is affordable, trackable, and in most cases you pay for performance.

In this article, you will learn how to drive traffic to your optimized website, generate new clients, and turn your legal website into a sales machine.

1) Using Google AdWords Generates More Potential Client Inbounds

Even though there are many free tools to optimize your E-marketing, a paid ad is often the best way to drive traffic to your website since many industry leaders are using the same search terms as you are using. A well strategized AdWords campaign can help you to stand out from the crowd because the paid ads are listed even before the #1 industry leader on the organic search results.

Google Adwords for Lawyers Lightpost Digital

There can be up to 5 on top of the page, and 5 at the bottom of the search results page. Ads appear in an auction-based order before the organic search (SEO) as shown in this example.

But how does this auction for the top listings work? Just like in any market, the price is driven by demand and supply. If more people are willing to pay for a search term (“keyword”) the value, or the “CPC”= Cost Per Click, goes up. As the term CPC indicates, the great thing about Google AdWords campaigns is that you only pay if a user actually clicks to your website or calls. If you install call tracking, you will even be able to monitor which ad referred what user.

Here are the steps to start running your own Google Adwords campaign:

  1. Setup a Google Adwords account
  2. Create a campaign for the service you want to promote
  3. Enter the keywords and terms people use to search for your service
  4. Pick the location and time of day you want the ads to run
  5. Write ads promoting your services and skills
  6. Finally, set a daily budget and launch your campaign

If you haven’t setup your AdWords account yet, we can get you a $100+ free marketing credit as a new advertiser to kick-start your first ad campaign. Request an AdWords management quote here.

2) Utilize Google & Facebook Remarketing to Increase Your Closing Rate

Remarketing is proven to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategies to drive leads and increase customer acquisition from your pay-per-click advertising.

Remarketing uses a special tracking code which allows you to re-engage people who have already visited your website. If, for example, a potential client visits your website and keeps browsing the web afterwards, your ad will pop up on their display even if they are not on your website anymore. Remarketing, therefore, allows you the most screen time with a potential client which is proven to result in a much higher customer acquisition.

Google AdWords makes remarketing easy and efficient. You simply create your remarketing campaign and select your audience. In general, the more specific your target group, the more efficient your ad. Instead of targeting your ad to all visitors, it is much more efficient to choose your audience based on a particular product page they visited, a certain step they were in on your client inquiry page or even based on visitors who had not viewed certain pages. Choosing a custom audience allows you to create a more targeted ad for the service the user was looking for.

Watch this video on Google remarketing to understand how remarketing works and the benefits.

Facebook is another great platform for remarketing. You can reach people on Facebook who’ve visited your website and have already shown interest in your business. Similar to Google, you create your custom audience based on the example indicators above as well as create a “Lookalike Audience.” With Lookalike Audiences, you can target people who are similar to those  that had visited your website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.21.02 AM

3) Ask Your Clients for Reviews on Yelp or Google

Google cares about reviews and so should you. Google wants to send users to the best businesses and therefore reviews your data to determine your reputation. Your reviews and reputation in relation to competitors determine your SEO and therefore your ranking on search engines. You get rewarded with top list ranking for good reviews and ‘punished’ for bad reviews.

Good reviews cannot only help you to generate more traffic but it can also encourage clients that are indecisive. Bad reviews on the other hand may result in losing clients if you don’t tend to them. Review monitoring service tracks all comments and sends you a daily overview to make sure you can stay on top of what people say about you.

However, it’s not only the quality of reviews that matters, it’s also the quantity.

How can you increase the number of reviews to show your popularity? The best way is to simply ask. Your customers understand how important reviews are to your business and are usually pleased to leave a review if you provide them great legal support. But don’t wait too long as clients are more likely to give you feedback after a positive experience with you – For example, right after you win their case. Also, make sure you make it easy for them. Add a “Find us on Yelp” icon to your follow-up emails, newsletters and website. You can also offer a small incentive for writing a review to show your appreciation and motivate clients to take the time

4) Developing a Blogging Strategy for your Law Practice

Identify what types of questions are evergreen in your field (common things everyone asks about or needs to know), then blog around those topics in a routine manner. If you don’t have the resources, or don’t want to manage it yourself, consider hiring an outside firm or freelancer. Posts can run $50-$150 depending on how complicated the subject matter, then add SEO and create a routine. Doing this twice a month gives you a bigger site, content to use in newsletters, and educates your customer base. Done right it generates business and retains clients.

Website Audit Lightpost Digital

Before you start marketing online, we do recommend reading our post about responsive websites, SEO, and business listings. The Foundation of your Law Firm Online

Having these three things done correctly ensures your online marketing will convert.

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