How Does User Experience Increase my SEO Rankings?

  • September 15, 2016
  • SEO
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Increase Your SEO Rankings with a Great User Experience!

Many of our clients ask us what they can do to increase SEO rankings for their websites.  I can’t emphasize enough how user experience affects search engine rankings. Google’s computers can understand how humans rate a site according to its overall quality and delivery of a positive user experience.




Five Steps to Increase SEO Rankings

There are 5 steps that you simply can’t ignore or your visitor will leave your website as quickly as they came to it. What you are aiming for is the “long click”.   This happens when someone comes to your site and stays around and does some perusing. In other words they don’t click on your site and immediately go back to do another search on the same topic.

  1. Easy to use

Ask yourself, is my site easy to use? You want to be sure you put yourself in your readers’ shoes to see how easy it is to navigate and go from page to page quickly to find the right information you need.

  1. Provide straightforward information compatible to the search query

Don’t forget, we are all scanners on the web. We want compatible information to what we asked for in a search. If you don’t provide information that was asked for, Google will lower your score you in user experience and will not increase SEO rankings for your website.

  1. Make sure your website is designed by skilled professionals

Have you ever seen a website that is dated and unprofessional in design? A visitor will instantly make this judgment. Professional designers know how to create a visually appealing site. They also are experts in making sure your site is responsive to mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. When it comes to the newer, more modern browsers, your designer will ensure that your website is reachable by the newer, more modern browsers.

  1. Page Speed

Have you ever left a website when it takes more than 2 or 3 seconds to load? This is definitely something you want to avoid, or else Google will surely lower your usability score!

  1. Include a Site Map

Your site should already be easy to navigate without a site map. Just the same, a site map is an enhancement for a more simple and easy user experience. It works in much the same way an index is created for a book. If you care about creating a positive user experience, this is simply one additional feature to add to your website. For more information from Google on site maps, see this helpful article:

Site Maps

Have you checked your website for these all important 5 steps?




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