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Dr. Thomas Kleinman has always been interested in helping people get well, stay well and live a life without restriction. He began his career as a Pharmacist. Through his study of body chemistry, he realized THE TRUTH- the body is self-healing and can often times recover from sickness and injury without drugs or surgery. The truth led Dr. Kleinman to the study of Chiropractic.

Dr. Kleinman began his Chiropractic practice in 1983 utilizing a procedure called Atlas Orthogonal (specific upper cervical), a safe and gentle spinal correction that DOES NOT POP OR CRACK THE NECK OR THE SPINE. In his early years he helped hundreds of people recover and “get their lives back” from all sorts of conditions ranging from pain and dysfunction to disease. This led him to the study of Neurology. He completed a post-graduate diplomate course in neurology in 1990 and has developed a thorough understanding of the neurology of health and disease.

To date, Dr. Kleinman has helped thousands of patients reduce and eliminate their pain, improve their health and live the life they want to live without restriction or compromise.

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