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As the head of The Worthy Law Group, Attorney Worthy works diligently to help clients with commercial conflicts, intellectual property, real estate, and other civil disputes. He provides skilled litigation and dispute resolution services to small and medium-sized businesses and to individuals.

Kevin R. Worthy enjoys watching his clients succeed. He has handled numerous cases as an attorney representing businesses and individuals with issues involving: trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, fraud, sales of goods and services, promissory notes, real property purchases, equipment leases, partnerships, sales of businesses, employment contracts, construction contracts, non-compete obligations, and more. Additionally, he has worked on a number of business transactions and organized a variety of business entities.

As an experienced negotiator, Mr. Worthy enjoys resolving conflicts before a court imposes a solution. However, he has also written numerous winning motions and otherwise played a key role in numerous victories at the trial court level, has written several winning briefs for state and federal courts of appeal, and is familiar with effective techniques for collecting judgments from uncooperative debtors.

Mr. Worthy has experience with courts in Utah, California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida. He is admitted to practice before Utah’s federal trial courts, state trial courts and state courts of appeal.

The Worthy Law Group

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