How to Have a Responsive Website

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What is a responsive website?

If you haven’t tested your website to make sure it’s a responsive website, bring up your site on your mobile phone.

If your website doesn’t look like the display that you normally see on your desktop and it loads slowly, you can bet that you do not have a responsive website!

A responsive website is a very simple concept to understand.  It means that the website is one that “responds” to users’ needs and responds to the device on which the website is being displayed.

The only thing you have to do to make your website responsive is to have your web design agency make sure it adapts to all screens, regardless of the type of device your customer is using.

Mobile usage has reached the tipping point


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In 2016, people use mobile phones more than ever before to search, consume, and share online products and information.

Did you know? Mobile now represents 65 percent of all digital media time spent?

Who, but Bill Gates, would have predicted mobile technology would happen so fast?  It’s mind-boggling to see what a visionary he was way back in 1996.

Desktop usage has been in a downward spiral, down 13% last year alone, and it represents only 35% of overall usage.  Are your customers among those who are switching over to mobile device when they browse the web?  Personally, I have left my laptop in the dust! (I use it only at the office now!)

Your customers are more mobile than you think

When you reflect upon the characteristics of your customers, it’s fair to say they are pretty savvy and sophisticated when they look online. They use tablets, phablets, smart phones, mobile phones, Apple watches, and other wearable computers, not to mention the next breakthrough design that is just around the corner.

Did you know that a great mobile experience influences your business reputation?

I, for one, feel warm and fuzzy when I have a great interaction with a vendor on my smart phone.  In fact, 61% of people have a better opinion of businesses when they offer a good mobile experience. (And even better if great!)

In the ultra competitive Internet space, no business can afford to lose customers as a result of a bad mobile experience.  Why make your customers turned off by an inadequate and non-responsive website?

Discover seven striking reasons why you should make the move to a responsive website.

I’m sure you will agree, it’s just simple common sense!  Here’s why you should nail this down for your business if you haven’t done so already:

  1. Your content will be easy to read
  2. Your content will be displayed on the screen and sized accordingly
  3. Your images will look great and load quickly on any device
  4. Your website will offer a positive user experience
  5. You will only need to have one URL so customers can share and link your content
  6. Your SEO will improve because your pages become accurately indexed by Google
  7. Your customers will not be alarmed with error messages for “unsupported mobile content”

If you want to get in touch with your “Geek side”, check out what Google has to say about why you should have a responsive website.

  • Do you know if your website is responsive?
  • Do you know how easy it is to make the switch to a new responsive site?
  • What are you waiting for?  It’s what we do!

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