How to Find SEO Keywords for Your Business!

  • September 22, 2016
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SEO Keywords: If You Remember Only One Thing About SEO, Remember it is Keyword Driven!

Neil Patel, at, is famous for saying that “97% of all online activity starts with a search”! All this activity starts with one small step: a word is typed into a box within a search engine.  Since we eat, breath, and sleep online marketing at our company, my team and I know that SEO keywords are the one way to get the most valuable return in this ever-changing field of search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords for your business can be the difference between a high performance website and a bomb!

SEO Keyword Success Depends on Research!

The starting point is to figure out your market’s keyword demand. You do this by searching for the best terms and phrases to use for attracting the right kind of visitors to your site. The more specific you can get with just the right words, the better chance you have of attracting your target customer.

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How to Judge the Value of One Little Word or Phrase?

Start thinking about which keywords your visitors search for. Ask yourself what specific product they might be looking for. Your own data is key to judging the keyword value. You could own a music store and sell many more bongo drums than guitars. In this case, the keyword for guitars might not be such a good idea.

Determine Your Keywords

Make a key word list and ask yourself some questions about each one:

  • How likely will your customers use this keyword in their search?
  • Is the keyword relevant to your specific business activity?
  • Do you think your customers will like the search results?
  • Will your goals be met with this keyword?
  • If the answer is yes to all of the above, you are good to go and ready to implement!

Google suggests that you decide upon the value of the keyword.

  • Its value will give you clues about your competition.
  • It will tell you the level of difficulty to rank for a specific word.
  • You will know whether a keyword has high value when there is a paid ad next to the organic search results – meaning the word is a moneymaker.
  • High value words will always trigger some type of buying action from your customers and it is plain to see why they are in demand!

For more help on researching SEO keywords, Google AdWords has developed a Free Keyword Planner.   You will find the planner at this link:

Google Keyword Planner

You will find another trusty guide on keyword research from Hubspot. Its called, How To Do Keyword Research and you will find it at this link:

How To Do Keyword Research


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